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Cassie Crimson - Halifax Location

I began my journey to becoming a tattoo artist rather unexpectedly, while attending school to become an Addictions Counselor I received my first tattoo, a big colourful lotus flower, soon after I wanted another tattoo (isn't that how it always goes?)

After I found myself to be hanging around an artist and their tattoo shop in Sackville quite often. One day while I was doodling instead of studying, a friend of mine asked me to try my hand at tattooing a small owl I had drawn on his leg. I immediately refused for fear of horribly marking my best friend for life! But thankfully he absolutely would not take no for an answer, and from the moment the shaky needle in my hand touched his skin I was totally hooked.

As a child I was fascinated with the wide spectrum of colours found in our world and this quickly translated into my artwork and tattoo's. I began drawing more intensely and investing hours of my life into something I had never expected to be doing, but am now completely committed to. I completed a two year apprenticeship.   

Cassie Crimson

To book an appointment with Cassie call 902-405-4009 and dial ext #1 for the Halifax location.