Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Adept do walk-ins for tattoos?

A: We do!  **Although walk-in availability changes from day to day**  The only way to ensure that you can get tattooed on a certain day is by leaving a deposit and booking a time.  

Q: How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

A: You must be 18 years old and produce government issued, photo ID to sign for yourself to be tattooed.  We do not accept school IDs.  We will tattoo a 16 or 17 year old (no younger) with parental consent.  We require government issued photo ID for the parent (driver’s license or passport) and some form of government ID for the child. (health card, birth certificate, passport etc.) You cannot get an older ‘friend’ to sign for you. It must be your parent or legal guardian. We will verify this.

Q: What happens if I can’t make it to my scheduled tattoo appointment?

A: We collect a deposit from every client who books a tattoo appointment. That deposit is non-refundable and if a client no-calls/no-shows their appointment, that deposit is forfeited to Adept for the artists lost time.  If you give us 24-48 hours notice (at least) then you can retain your deposit and we will simply find a new time/date for your tattoo.  We appreciate your consideration and will always do our best to work together with you if your schedule changes, some notice is all we ask. J

Q: How old do I have to be to get pierced?

A:  It depends on the piercing! For some you have to be 18 and for others you can be as young as 16 to sign for yourself. We require government issued photo ID from every client for every procedure. We do not accept school IDs.  If you have questions about the age for a specific piercing, give us a call at 902-405-4009.

Q: Do I need an appointment to get pierced?

A: Nope! Our piercing service is all by walk-in.  You can check our piercers hours on the piercing section of our website but it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the Adept  Twitter and facebook accounts for updates or announcements.

Q: Can my friends come with me to watch me get pierced/tattooed?

A: You are only allowed to bring one person back with you during your procedure.


Q: When can I see the artwork being designed for my tattoo?

A: You will see your finished artwork on the day that you come in for your appointment.  At that time if there are any minor changes to be made to your design we will do them then. You are always welcome to communicate with your artist and request to see it sooner, but realistically they will only be doing your full design within a day or 2 of your appointment.

Q: I am confused/have questions about the aftercare for my new tattoo/piercing... What do I do??

A: Call or come by! Anytime at all! We are a professional resource here for you for the duration of your healing process. Don’t google it or ask your friends..  just ask us! J You can reach us at 902-405-4009.

Q: Canada has a boatload of winter… What happens if there is a storm and Adept closes?

A: We keep a very close eye on weather warnings during the winter. If there is a storm coming and you have an appointment booked, your best bet is to give the shop a call to check in. We will always do our very best to stay open but occasionally if the roads are too dangerous we would rather reschedule than risk the safety of our clients and our artists.  If we choose to close, we will post that information on our facebook and Twitter pages as soon as the decision is made.  We make every effort to call/email any clients that a closure may affect with as much notice as possible.

Q: Is Adept gay/lesbian/queer friendly?

A: Always!  

Q: Does Adept use vegan ink?

A: Adept typically uses the following ink brands : Eternal Ink, Starbrite Inks, Intenze Ink, Fusion Ink and Silverback. Ingredients used in tattoo inks are like any other recipe out there..they change from time to time. Your best bet is to contact these brands directly to find out which of their inks can be classified as vegan.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate send us an